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Holy kookamunga, I'm on facebook.  No joke folks, this little luddite joined the modern forces.  If you want to stay up to date on new spice blends, in season tea, and photos of what's new on the farm, just follow...



For loads of family fun, check out the following links:


My husband's fabulous jam
Jam According to Daniel

My dad Fred's beautiful bowls

My brother Ryan's awesome fleece hats

My brother Nathan's amazing photography
and videography

My aunt Amy's stunning floral design

Sourwood Farm, my brother Ryan and his wife Laurel's agricultural enterprise.  Where I get my honey for market!

Rose Vanilla Jojoba Pistaschio Bath Salts


My college roommate's fabulous herbal products, including vinegars, elixirs, baby products and more


My dear friend from the market's amazing herbal salves, oils, solid perfumes and more.  Her Skin Friend salve changed my life.

The Living Earth School