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Life on the Farm

      OK, so I got this crazy idea that folks might want to see some pictures of where I live and how things happen,  Below you will find pictures of my home, stuff that makes me happy, the farmers market, cut flowers, and other things I do for work and play.  This all takes place in the great county of Nelson in the great state of Virginia. 

St. John's Wort, Marshmallow, Elderberries, and Willows

Honey bees drawing their own comb 
Basil, beans, and mountains
Harvesting wild yarrow with a fancy bucket on a seatbelt sling
Sunflowers self seed through the garden

2014 intern Emily harvesting Echinacea flowers 

Rhodey, my marvelous friend.    

Dern big onions (see normal peach for scale) 

Garlic Harvest 

Did a windstorm blow your sunflowers over?  Bring them inside for lunch!

Bodacious blackberries.  I raise the leaves for tea. Extra berries = JAM 

Gorgeous ginger from the hoophouse 

Giant dill (not how I harvest; I just couldn't resist this one)

Brother Ryan tending the bee hives

Garlic, springtime, mountains 


Shitake harvest 

Garlic scapes in a willow harvest basket 

Chiltepin peppers.  This is the little
original wild pepper that all other chilis were bred from.  Living dinosaur!  

Spring salad 

Lemon thyme 

Harvesting lemon balm 

2012 intern Margaret the Rock Star 
Criolla Sella peppers

Smoked Carmen sweet pepper BEFORE... 
...And AFTER

Echinacea flower harvest

Everybody loves raspberries 
Bumblebee on echinacea

Calendula resina 

Dirty hands love 

Echinacea root harvest 

Ginger and tomatoes in the hoophouse 

Feverfew, greenhouse, mountains 

Dried red clover blossoms 
Hoophouse Construction 2013 - 72'x21'

Pounding in sidewalls after much time spent on layout

The frame goes up...and then it snows for a month!

Friends and family come help pull plastic over the structure and it's done
Weedeating face

Garlic harvest 

My friend Margaret helping pack tea on my birthday 

Greenhouse...maxing out space

Sabdariffa Roselle Hibiscus.

Greenhouse babies

Pepper seedlings

Aji Dulce peppers
Milky oats, ready for harvest

Kellogg's Breakfast tomato face 

Beautiful, isn't it? 

Criolla Sella, my new tangy pepper love 

Planting chamomile 

Strawflower forest... dried on wires to later stick in tiny baskets. 

Custom quiver with homemade buckskin strap for a toddler.

Baby booties made from homemade buckskin.  My peers keep having babies, so what am I supposed to do?

Backside detailing on harmonica case 

Custom harmonica cases 

Gourd, poplar bark, buckskin 

A winter crafting good time 
Bazaar Bizarre,  in all its glory

A selection of new herbs for market 
Waterford Show

Heritage Harvest Festival honey tasting 

Heritage Harvest festival tea  

Farmers market booth 

  Stuff that makes me happy   
Thanksgiving roast of baby parsnips, baby sweet potatoes, and baby carrots
Sweet potato harvest

Raspberry kiss stain 

Canning night supper.  Chard and eggs, one of my favorite quick fall meals.

Trailer Glam

Monarch Chrysalis

Petunia, the baby snapping turtle 
The monarch hatches.  Lovely limp little thing, drying its wings.

Another bumblebee on another Asclepias. Silky formula mix
Pints of pickled peppers.  And smoked salsa, which is so delicious
Late spring garden dinner
Anna Sullivan being awesome and helping pick wedding flowers.  She's soaked because she didn't come in when the torrential rain started.

Amorous carrots. Avert your gaze.

Polly goat harassing the chickens.

Tomato seeds fermenting in the window sill.  I'm hopelessly addicted to saving way too many seeds.
How we get more spiders.

Acraea moth and bupleurum

Turkeys I watched grow from chicks

Sunrise over my valley

Good lookin carrots.

Gomphrena and the greenhouse

Strawberries, dill, and beans
Umm... slug sex on my greenhouse door
A very friendly fence post lizard
My brother Ryan tending the bees

  Side Line Flower Business  

Happy birthday bouquet 
I have this habit of growing a ton of flowers, so sometimes I do weddings or sell them for events.
Booyah bouquets

Herb corsage
September wedding

Herb boutineer

Favorite bridal bouquet- mostly edible 

Tray of boutonnieres and corsages 
Bridesmaid bouquet
Zinnias and celosia
Bouquet tie off
Anise hyssop, zinnias, celosia

 Home flower garden, just because it makes me happy

Bev Lacey's gorgeous dahlias in a bridal bouquet. 

Flowers for a wedding at Mountfair Vinyard. 

Portraits of some   absolutely beautiful flowers   just because

  What Else Do I Do
(with all my extra time)?? 

My aunt Amy's arrangements at the Clifton

Sometimes I work with my aunt Amy doing wedding flowers.  Check the Links page for more info on her awesome flower arrangements.

FWF herbs  with the menus.  Lovely.
I love working for The Living Earth School.  Anymore I mostly just do their teen programs 
"Wilderness Quest is a 10 day rights of passage backpacking trip for teens. Check the links page for more info
Helping lead this program every other year is definitely one of the highlights of my life.

Raising mammoth chickens

Link to photos from a 3 1/2 week kayaking trip my brother and I took down the length of the New River, from a spring to the mighty Ohio River

Lovely picnics in fields of gold with fabulous friends